Process employed by Style Solutions

Batch cooking:
In batch cooking, a vessel is filled with raw material and sealed. The material is processed under controlled conditions using times and temperatures related to the type of raw material. The cooked material's temperature ranges from 250F to 275F. It is discharged to the percolator drain pan where a perforated screen allows the fat to drain away from the protein solids, also known as tankage. After about one hour of draining, the solids still contain about 25% of fat. They are conveyed to the screw press to complete the separation of fat from solids. The final protein solids have residual fat content of 9% to 13%, which varies from the content of the raw material, such as beef, poultry and fish. The protein solids are known as cracklings, which are then screened and ground with a hammer mill to produce protein meal. After the product is discharged, the cycle is repeated.