Pharmaceutical/ Costemic    
Bile Salts   Cholesterol purification
  Bile Acids   Aquatic Foods
  Lungs and Trachea   Heparin
  Pancreas   Collagen
  Shark Cartilage Powder   Chondroitin Sulphate
  Gall Stones   Enzymes & Hormones
  Ovine (Lamb) Mucosa   Black Lip Abalone Shells
  Chinese Medicine   Pharmaceutical Chinese Medicine
  OX Gall Stones    
Offal's - Edible (Beef-Mutton-Pork)    
Tripe and Tripe pieces   Spleens
  Omasum (Raw and Unscalded)   Hearts
  Abomasum   Thymus Glands
  Livers   Spinal Cord, etc
Abalone   Mussels
  Cod   Salt Fish
  Haddock   Shrimp/Prawns
  Lobster   Squid
  Haddock   Canned Tuna, sardines, etc
Pet Food    
Ovine Meal   Digestible Pet Chews
  Indigestible Pet Chews (Collagen)   Dog Strips - Lamb, Veal, Chicken
Dog Treats    
Protein Meals For Pet Food/Stock Feed   Collagen Powder
  Problend (Ovine)   Lambpro (Ovine Blood)
  Lambmen (Aquaculture)   Ovine Meat Meal
  Bile Acid   Meat Meal (45% and 50%)
  Blood Meal/Animal Feed   Spray Dried Whole Blood
  Dog Food (Training)   Collagen Powder (Pig/Chicken)
  Blood Meal   Poultry Meal
  Bone Meal   Grains
  Hay - Various Types   Cotton Trash
  Cotton Seed Hulls   Spray Dried Blood
Wet Pet Foods    
Lamb Lung Lobes   Venison
  Livers   Hearts
Sedge Peat   Horn & Hoos Meal