What we do:

Style Solutions utilizes by-products of animal origin that are not intended for human consumption. Farmers, slaughterhouses and meat producers around the world are faced with increasing demands regarding handling of these by-products. Rendering of animal by-products not only solves a waste problem, it also creates high grade end products including meat and bone meal and animal fats. Rendering is the process of cooking raw animal material to remove and separate the moisture and fat.

Further to this Style Solutions utilises these by products for a range of various crude pharmaceutical products.

Quality Assurance at Style Solutions:

Style Solutions Pvt Ltd. is committed to producing products of the highest quality and safety. Through its joint venture with its Australian partners it uses international quality standards and machinery to ensure all international quality requirements are adhered to. As part of this ongoing commitment, the Company has formulated a quality assurance program which emphasizes preventive measures and is designed to preclude process hazards at every stage of production and improve the overall efficiency of the rendering process.

This quality assurance program is based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (certified HACCP). HACCP introduces the concept of a preventive system of controls to assure product safety.

It outlines measures for planned evaluations and control over raw materials, process, personnel, storage, monitoring and traceability The program is a simple, logical and highly specialized system of controls designed to prevent the occurrence of hazardous or critical situations during the rendering process.

To assure safe, high quality finished product the basic principles of Style Soutions HACCP plan will be to analyze potential or existing hazards, determine the control points that are important to good manufacturing processes and eliminate the hazards.

The HACCP program is designed to meet the requirements for the Feeds Act, Regulations and Health of Animals Act, and basic World wide criteria for safe and quality rendering.